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Due to the COVID -19 outbreak countries and societies economy across the globe suffers a lot. Although at this high time, many service deliveries and strategic shifts of essential services or resources continue to work on a daily basis providing maximum benefit to society.

The spread of this pandemic is getting increased on every passing second and States are taking several proactive measures to manage and mitigate its spread with high efficiency.

But through the Corona Virus, people are getting more and more digitalized which can be heard in the form of sudden internet burst. They are depending on the digital services and work on it every day to fulfill their boredom time at home. Therefore, it is very time to launch an internet-based platform and make people aware of the brand and the services one offers, so when this lock-down will come to an end, they know how to attain the services and get benefits from it.

Different sectors need the utmost care at this crucial time some of them are:

  • Healthcare – Doctors and support staff, infrastructure, kits, equipment, and medical supplies.
  • Lockdown management Strategy, deep down to get an implemented idea with proper planning and execution
  • Economy Revival – After the stoppage of COVID – 19, India needs a Post lockdown revival plan in the field of Agriculture, Industry, Finances, Cities, Villages, People.
  • Public opinions – At this high time it becomes really crucial to manage perceptions of different public issues and fickle opinions to help in no spreading wrong information.
  • Migrant Population – Handling the task of engaging a large number of people to ensure the well-being of people ‘remotely’.

However, to manage or control the situation, the government is taking different productive measures by categorizing the whole situation into three phases:

Pandemic Management and Post-Lockdown Planning

Immediate action points to mitigate the impact of the pandemic through the use of available resources and enhancing efficiency with the help of the latest technology through IoT, AI, and other skillsets.

The Government has divided this part into three T’s – Train, Trace, Test and Treat.

  • Train: A virtual Healthcare Training Portal will be made to help small towns, focus on making a virtual hospital where patients and doctors are able to contact each other through video calling rather than visiting hospitals.
  • Trace: In this, a Self-Quarantine app to be made to track automatically the GPS and mobile tower location of people continuously under self-quarantine time based on the app in a way that they don’t feel like a jail.
  • Test and Treat: Management of COVID patients are done in this part in the benefit of identifying patients through pre-identification and centralized epidemiological investigation of suspected cases based on their travel history, also contact being traced out through phone records.

Economic and Social Impact Assessment

Various sectors losing their potential and an unseen gap is highly increasing for their survival rate, that is,

  • Deaths getting increases due to getting no treatment or large time taken to get a treatment which is in result to huge manpower.
  • Jobs – Always a prevalent issue before COVID-19 but after this there will be an unseen increment in skilled workers looking for any job in any industry.
  • Country’s economy goes in heavy loss but with lockdown GDP including primary, secondary and tertiary sectors suffer a lot.
  • Service delivery grows at a much bigger level which stresses service delivery like healthcare, public utility services in ULBs and GPs, the supply chain of essential commodities, etc. 

Some strategic plan for economic revival:

  • Strategy to a greater percentage of women will take over the industry sector
  • Integrate informal sector in the economic plans 5
  • Innovate Finances and Investment sectors (private sector, CSR, donor agencies, value capture financing etc.)
  • Identify projects based on fast pace implemented priority
  • Revisiting the budgetary provisions
  • Regulate the growth of different sectors
  • Clear roadmap with defined milestone

Recovery and Resilience building

Facilitate recovery of impacted sectors using policy intervention, infrastructure creation and capacity building for the growth of the country

Low-cost funds, Disaster Resilience Fund, various key industries insurance policy plan will be made to recover the whole post-COVID situation.

During this pandemic, the first and foremost requirement is of the number 1 phase, that is, Pandemic Management and Post-Lockdown Planning, for which the government is involving corporates to make some web-based systems that help in the controlling of the COVID-19.

You can conclude this by these following points:

  • App is currently In the process of making to restrict people in self-isolation and the government can look over them on a 24/7 basis. This app is going to take the GPS information and the collective information of the health of the person through the band in contact with the app provided with the app. Although the full roadmap of this ensured path is not completed by any corporation but it help highly in guiding the people.
  • Drones are required on a high basis to control or check over the people if they are in-home or not.
  • Attendance based management system is in demand to enter in the essential industries without fingerprint or any touch gesture, it has been ongoing made through the facial recognition and high AI 3D based techniques over cloud-based ongoing management. It also included temperature detection to help in the early identification of Corona patient.
  • Zoom and other online portals are in high use to contradict the social engagement over the internet.

Strategies before-hand although don’t guarantee a proper revival for the future but it helps in solving the situation based on the critical aspects that come in the near future that has already been analyzed before.

India has control the situation of COVID with these strategies being taken already to lesser the impact of the Corona Virus. And one of the main reasons for this early strategical implementation is that India has fewer medical facilities and healthcare equipments compared to other countries with a large population.

Therefore, as the saying goes – ‘Necessity is the key to invention’ but here the saying changes to ‘Necessity is the key to early implementation’.

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