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Well, as the saying suggests “Trusting too much on anything can lead to destruction”. And when it comes to technology, huge destruction can be possible through it.

But as we know there are two sides to any topic, so is of Google Maps.

The GPS technology used by Google maps made it a world-renowned app to use for displaying location and direction. It helped people to go to any location without even know the distance or the direction to reach that location.

Not only individual point of view, this technology has created a vast impact on the revolution of new and different technologies.

Today, the use of GPS for automobiles, the Internet of Things, Robotics, and nearly every equipment we use have contained this technology to reduce the manpower effort while resolving time and traffic issues.

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src – geospatialworld.net

For the young generation, it is a revolution to reach out or travel any adventure through this devastated and revolutionary Google Maps app.

The use of Google Maps contains the data of navigation, which is then used by Google itself in real-time to track the traffic so that it provides accurate results of the shortest distance to the individuals.

But as we know if an app has a positive side, it contains downsides also.

And that downside you can say is our personalized data. Particularly, the traffic data, that is, not only can be used by different apps through GPS module, but any hacker can also hack it and used it for his/her benefits.

Not long ago an activity of personalized data of individual users is being traced in the USA which made a big question mark to the security of our GPS data as we use it on the daily basis and it also becomes an essential part of our on-going lifestyle.

But the thing that I am going to tell you is something different but yet consider as a security issue to Google Maps.

Let’s start with the latest news coming on this. i.e.,

A Berlin-based artist named Simon Weckert, pulled off the stunt for his YouTube Channel as well as for blog in which he had used 99 Smart Phones with the location ‘Turn On’ in a hand cart on the city street which is actually being placed just outside the Google Office in Berlin.

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src – bgr.in

Through this, he created a FAKE traffic jam in the German Capital so when any user checks on the Google Maps the shortest route to reach out to a specific location, they had been misled to other path as it shows the Traffic Jam in it.

In Google Maps, the working is being done using the pace and number. If the Google Map considered as the pace is low and the number is high then, the color of the street on the app will become dark red suggesting that this route has a traffic pileup so it’s better to avoid it and take the different one.

Therefore, by these 99 smartphones, he had made a clear street into high Traffic showing street. This simple hack may just fool Google Maps while showing in his video that using this invaluable tool led them to pay for a heavy price.

Although he had shown all the above in his video which can actually be fake as he hadn’t shared any further details to it, and also, if it is real or authentic then Google has to come up with a solution to this so that this exploitation will not happen in reality.

But what I think he wants is to put a question mark to these technologies that following these technologies blindly will become destructive to our own self.

Well, I know ‘Google’ name is something that makes us trust it no matter what product it launches but, yes trusting technology religiously could make a huge impact on us.

So, don’t trust any technology whether it be from Google or any other company make some distance to it.

And at last, I also want to add that the Google Maps has completed its 15 years so with this completion Google Maps has made some updates for the advancement and enhancement of Google Maps features.

These updates are available on both IOS and Android phones, i.e.,

  1. Icons of Google Maps.
  2. The Google Maps icon is now visible as a location pin. 
  3. New 5 tabs are added in the app that is, Explore, Commute, Saved, Updates More and Contribute.
  4. You can upload photos and videos while people can also get to know about your place with the extension of reviewing any place.
  5. You can also save the location, future trips and also your home & office address while at the same time see the special spots around you by using an update option. 
  6. In this updates app, a nearby location can also be viewed with the help of the explore tab.
  7. And with the commute tab, the shortcut path of any place can be searched.

I hope you get some sort of knowledge regarding the Google app if you had experienced something the same and different in regards to technologies, please share your experience.

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