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Global Positioning System, popularly known as GPS, is used to track the device or person movements and help in determining its location. It can track the precise location data at the intervals of the time user has defined.

The GPS can be connected to the internet using cellular, wireless, or satellite medium based on the functioning embedded in it.

It is basically a navigation device that can be attached to the moving vehicle or a person or animal or any object, through which the location data is extracted or stored within the GPS tracking device.

The extracted data can be transmitted to a central location database which is going to be displayed on the map either in the real-time or later when the stored analysis is done.

Vector illustration of the concept of using the mobile application of the global positioning system. Free Vector

This GPS technology had widely used in many sectors that had created a huge impact on the personal life of a common person. Today, you can travel anywhere in the world with your handy smartphone because of the GPS embedded in the mobile phone.

This technology had not stopped here, this is just the starting of a huge combination of this technology. Today, the buses, cars, police officers, and many different people and objects in a highly different way taking advantage of this GPS.

In India, five buses with GPS tracking facilities will be launched under the kilometer scheme that will not only be maintained but also owned by the private agencies. This tie-up is being made between the Government and Private Companies to improve the infrastructure of the country.

The fact that creates GPS a lot more famous now-a-days is because of the easy navigation and that navigation part can be worked in different areas and situations where no coverage is available and also, you can use your phone for other purposes with the GPS tracking software (having the GPS capability) running behind in it.

Man checking the gps Free Psd

A GPS not only comes alone with tracking but also with –

  • Giving alerts
  • Free map updates
  • Best Display
  • Best Class Direction
  • Point of Interest Data

The GPS Technology not only comes with benefits, but it also has the greatest disadvantage, that is, it can create a huge disaster or you can say ‘It has the power to destroy a country like the USA’.

Won’t believe?

An article has been written in the newspaper issued the latest by, that showing “GPS is ticking time bomb for America”.

That shows a hacker can destroy the amount of economy of a country, he/she want.

Do you ever get any idea that a hacker can hack the GPS tracking apps? Well, I am going to tell you about this but before this, I wanted to add one more question, i.e.,

Did you ever imagine how much your data can be stored in these apps?

No idea? Then find out, I am sure that if you will get to know how much the amount of information it can store, you will definitely get a hard shock.

Okay, let’s come to the hacking of the GPS technology.

A report states that hackers had broken into two GPS tracking apps that gave him/her the ability to track the real-time location of thousands of cars across multiple different countries and they had even turned off the engines of some of them while cars were on the road.

Woman using a digital tablet in the car Free Psd

And not only this, by getting an access to these accounts, they can easily access the GPS tracking device’s names and models, user’s information like – real name, phone numbers, email address, IMEI numbers of the device, physical addresses and many more.

It also claims that the hacker had contacted four of the impacted user while verifying the data as all the accounts not contain all the data correctly.

This creates a massive issue for privacy and security among users, but the advancement of technology surely ensures that the high security and privacy, while creating their own security system by different countries.

Although related to GPS technologies, many countries had made their own laws while using technology as a surveillance tool.

So, technologies are developing with advancement while their security is the primary, valuable and major issue.

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