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InciMat — Track Vehicles, Moving Assets and Incidents optimally using GPS, RFID & Mobile Apps

Vehicle Tracking System provides real time tracking of vehicles. The solution enables control officer to monitor the movement of their vehicles including, route taken, journey start and completion time, distance traveled, speed, stoppage location/duration, over speeding, acceleration/deceleration etc. The solution provides complete journey records for all vehicles for easy planning, tracking and scheduling thereby helping fleet manager to manage their fleet more effectively and profitably.

InciMat, a product of DKG Labs
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Mini-TDS — Truck Dispatch System Software

There is a strong business need to cash in on technology to track and trace HEMM’s and other moving equipments operating in the open cast mines and logistics in real time. This should involve improvement on ROI, productivity optimization across supply chain, identify “Go-No Go” area, illegal mining, tracking of transportation routes to curb pilferage of coal and metal which happens mostly when routes are changed to offload ROM/ore/finished goods.

Mini-TDS, a product of DKG Labs
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MineSafe— GPS Enabled Software Solution for Mine safety

Not all Contingency Plans are created equal…Make sure yours withstands the Emergency. Save your time, effort and compliance worries using integrated and efficient data management. GPS based economical real time tracking and monitoring of HEMM,tippers etc. anytime to monitor safety adherence. Role-based reporting system which provides an integrated Environment in which incidents can be managed across organization

MineSafe, product from DKG Labs
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CCHP— GPS Enabled Control Cost for High Performance Software in mining

Are You Facing Tighter Margins With Systems That Lack the Ability To Access, Control and Optimize Operating Cost in Mining? DKG Labs Profitability & Cost Simulation Software for Mining Industry. Do we have visibility of our supply chain and customer? Uncover the Linkages between Assets, Raw Materials and Performance using Optimization Technique. How well is risk factored into our operational decision making? Use margin to measure asset efficiency, including cost per hour, profit per constraint and effective hours.

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Utilities— Mining Toolkit for Blasting and Environment

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CIMFR Regional Centre, Roorkee and DKG Labs has been signed to cater the project works related to underground engineering for construction of road, rail & power tunnels and caverns to be used as storage of petroleum products and ammunition, bunkers, research laboratory, parkings in metro cities etc. All these constructions involve drilling & blasting, stress analysis for support design and hence involving huge investments. Keeping in view, the aforesaid indispensible activities associated to underground engineering, the association of CIMFR and DKG Labs is going to build the softwares.

Toolkit Product

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