LoRa- Economy


Application Areas

  • Autonomous Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Urban Water Supply
  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Edge Intelligence
  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Visual Quality Detection
  • High Speed Network Infrastructure
  • Time Sensitive Networks
  • Industrial Digital Thread
  • Smart Supply Chain
  • Industrial Wearable’s

Technology Overview

An introduction and set-up for the Heltec Automation WiFi Kit 32 development board with OLED display. Follow the steps below to have the example WiFiScan script show your local access points on the built-in display.

This board is based on the ESP32 chip and has onboard WiFi, Bluetooth, a 0.96 OLED display, lithium battery connector charging and a CP2102 USB to serial interface. It also works with the Arduino IDE.

Use for

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart parking and vehicle management
  • Facilities and infrastructure management
  • Radiation and leak detection
  • Smart sensor technology
  • Item location and tracking


  • CPU: ESP32
    • 240 MHz dual core
    • WiFi up to 150Mbps 802.11 b/g/n/e/i
    • Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)
  • Flash: 4MB (32Mbit)
  • USB-Serial Converter: CP2102
  • Radio: Semtech SX1276
  • Antenna connector: IPX (U.FL)
  • OLED Screen:
    • Size: 0.96″
    • Driver: SSD1306
    • Resolution: 128×64 px
  • Li-Ion/Li-Po charging circuit
  • Battery socket: 2pin raster 1.25 mm
  • Size: 52 x 25.4 x 10.3 mm
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