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Corona virus, that is, COVID-19 has created a world-wide huge impact on the people as due to this virus, thousands of millions of people have been locked down all over the world whether it be in Korea, USA, China or India, every country is fighting for their living through coronavirus.

And, in-country like Italy known as for the second-best healthcare system all over the world has crossed the number of death patients virus over china through the corona, and it keeps setting records of dead patients every single day.

As to state that this virus till now has no antidote and due to this reason there is only one cure that is people have to stay at home no matter what, that’s why every country is likely to go towards the whole locked down or guarding them through ‘Curfew’ system.

This situation led people to use more internet than before and make the situation of the highest increase in the usage of internet over a single moment for various reasons:

  • ‘Work from home’ or ‘virtual office’ made people use internet of their home rather than the office Wi-Fi.
  • The location shifted from the use of the internet from office to suburban homes.
  • Landline Wi-Fi comes in action as compared to the mobile
  • Services like Vodafone, Airtel had been locked down and their working frequency is getting decreased to half.
  • Students are getting towards virtual study as the study from home, from the education apps
  • Video-Streaming like Video-conferencing and youtube, Netflix, Amazon Web Services get largely affected due to the sudden increase in the number of people.
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There are many different statements over this is given by many people in this internet or web infrastructure area, one of them is John Graham-Cumming, the chief technology officer of web infrastructure and security company Cloudflare, who had recently conveyed a message that “There’s a spike of traffic around seven or eight in the evening when people go home and watch movies and listen to music, so, we’re used to peaks, what we’re not so used to is a general increase.”

A data published by Cloudflare, Ookla said that although there is just an increase of around 12 to 15 percent all over the world, different countries show different data means in the US city of Seattle, around 40 percent goes increase while in Italy it is of around 30 percent increase while in South Korea, internet usage hasn’t jumped at all.

Netflix has also made software in which if the user’s internet usage goes up to a level then, the video streaming quality gets decreased all of a sudden so that the internet consumption can be cut down to around 25 percent.

Freedman says that “The analogy of what I would think of is: what we’re seeing today is not anything systemic but accelerate six months of normal outages into three weeks. It’s not that there’s anything surprising breaking but when things go rapidly, sometimes there are issues.”

To put it more understandable, it’s normal to have crashed in video streaming or web services but what now is happening is just too high at the moment.

Today, not only the landline Wi-Fi gets affected but also the Mobile data suffers a lot, at most times, people don’t get sufficient speed of the Internet and sometimes it won’t work as well.

Although, these things going on today doesn’t conclude that we soon have an internet outbreak but this sudden increase in the number of the usage and users of the internet at the same time, led the internet security and web-services agency to take actions over a small period of time that creates a huge set-back to handling this situation.

Not only this, from coronavirus everyone in the world suffering from some issues which can’t be resolved in any manner other than to led off this virus from the world.

In the last, we seriously want to ask you for help that no matter what please do not take a single step out of your house. “You first need to ensure your own safety by staying at home, so that you can ensure the other people safety who live around”.

So, “Be at home, Be safe”.

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