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In today’s world, ‘electric vehicle’ is booming all over the world but did you ever imagine that these electric vehicles had came first on the road in 1800, while the first successful electric vehicle, i.e., car being made in 1890 by William Morrison, US.

The idea of making the first-ever electric vehicle came into mind because of the main shortcomings of high emission, long reaction time and bad torque in the transport vehicles that people are using at that time.

While, with the advancement of electric vehicles, the number of shortcoming gets increases as the saying – ‘Nothing is perfect in the world, we have to keep trying to make it better’.

The problem in the vehicles that keep persisting is most of the time is being wasted in traffic jams/congestion and with the long route, the pollution and people sitting time in the vehicle become the major issue for the health-conscious population and finding the alternative solution comes on demand. With the sharing economy and sustainability embracing the world, the options are expected to be eco-friendly.

The above problems we had discussed can be solved at a certain point with the use of vehicle tracking system, which is mainly a box is being attached to the vehicle to provide real-time tracking of vehicles.

This real-time tracking can be done from anywhere as an app is being installed in the mobile phone for whole data records.

This vehicle tracking system solution provides complete journey records for all vehicles, a company is using at the particular moment to create easy planning, tracking, and scheduling of the vehicle, thereby helping fleet manager to manage their fleet more effectively and profitably.

The vehicle tracking system finally came after the use of battery and other advancements in the electric vehicle.

There are the various benefits of the vehicle tracking system, some of them we had concluded are following –

  • Customer Service gets improved – By implementing the GPS management system, dispatching, and delivery time shown up in the mobile that helps in building trust of your customer. One of the main goals to improve customer service is by reducing delivery times.
  • Health and Safety of drivers – By using the vehicle tracking system, the data of the vehicle hardware sent to the customer to ensure the safety of the drivers.
  • Scanning of vehicles automatically and diagnose issues with a single tap – Helps in detecting the issues present in the vehicle without any manual help or you can say automatic scanning is being done by a single tap.
  • Fast Vehicle Recovery – The auto-fault detection helps in fast vehicle recovery.
  • Track the driver -Gives data for monitoring the behavior of the driver.
  • Get notifications automatically -Automatic theft and rash driving notifications being shown up with the help of apps on mobile phones.
  • Roadside full-time notifications – 24*7 notifications sent for the immediate use of roadside locations mainly hospitals, police stations, fire distinguishers, and many more.
  • Maximize business assets and etc…

We at DKG Labs running for 9 years in the IoT industry mainly to provide proposal for IoT Module (Hardware + Software) and provide Machine Learning and AI-based analytics for data storage with the mission to create an IoT Hub leveraging Artificial Intelligence and set-up low cost and affordable solution for our customer.

We had made a product of a vehicle tracking system to ensure you all the benefits which have already using the automotive industry with the addition of our NEW features, we had installed in our product.

Hereby, the list of the additional features of the product –

  • Over speeding report
  • Stay details report
  • Alarm detail report
  • Power disconnect alarm report
  • Geofence In/Out report
  • Device Group and more…

And the features in which we are providing customer with three levels (Basic, Advanced and VIP) that being chosen based on the requirement of the customer –

  • 24/7 GPS tracking
  • History Route Replay and location data for the last 90 days
  • Draining and Fuel consumption report
  • Hardware
  • Services and assistance and many more…

Did you find it interesting?

Then, why not check out full information about this product – Security For Safety

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