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InciMat – Track assets across value chain using, GPS, RFID and Mobile under one roof


Tracking Software

InciMat is a package suite of products, portfolio of softwares and factory of mobile apps in the area of tracking across industries.

Core Software is available in all Desktop, Web and Mobile platforms and has variants in hardware scalable to GPS devices, Mobile , RFID Tags Readers, ANPR & CCTV. Supported Protocols include NMEA (for GPS), LLRP ( for RFID) and Android operating system (for Mobile)

InciMat GPS, RFID and Mobile Apps
Vehicle Tracking System provides real time tracking of vehicles. The solution enables supervisor to monitor the movement of vehicles including, route taken, journey start and completion time, distance traveled, speed, stoppage location/duration, over speeding, acceleration/deceleration etc. The solution provides complete journey records for all vehicles for easy planning, tracking and scheduling thereby helping fleet manager to manage their fleet more effectively and profitably.

Key Differentiators –

– Enterprise can track, communicate with, and redirect moving assets, vehicles, mobile employees, sales force in near real-lime
– Locate & interact with your loved ones real time on their current state – Where, How far, Feel state etc.
-Advertisers are able to reach a massive audience. based on where people are located or what’s actually near them
– Location-based emergency services to provide location information about end-user to provide emergency services, such as police, fire, rescue.
– Mobile social networking, which enables users to know when friends are nearby & running discounts near their current location

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