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“mini-TDS (Truck Dispatch System) Software” – Track HEMM/Moving Assets and Incidents optimally from Pit to Port

There is a strong business need to cash in on technology to track and trace HEMM’s and other moving equipments operating in the open cast mines and logistics in real time. This should involve improvement on ROI, productivity optimization across supply chain, identify “Go-No Go” area, illegal mining, tracking of transportation routes to curb pilferage of coal and metal which happens mostly when routes are changed to offload ROM/ore/finished goods. It should reduce the amount of ore that will get stolen if an ore thief is after our ore and to enhance the performance related with the different processes, operations and equipment and related consumables at coal and metal mine.The ability to monitor is vital for long term success and to achieve high performance.
DKG Labs have come out with GPS enabled VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) for moving equipments tracking and incident management for mining and logistics industry. It has VTS software as single click deployment and mobile apps versions.
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Benefits for mines and logistics (short and long haul) organizations

Financial :-MiniTDS Reports

  • Profit maximization by reducing vehicle idle time, truck wait time, truck and shovel/excavator productivity and effective utilization of the resources.
  • Availability and utilization of essential KPIs to reduce costs and improve ROI for equipment.
  • Reduction in revenue loss due to manual trip counting and associated incentives.
  • Inbuilt interfaces with 3rd party business applications and ERP.
  • Optimizing asset management in relation to maintenance cost and efficiency.
  • Saving in fuel consumption.
  • Reduction of 24/7 survey assistance.
  • Continuous improvements in all facets of the operation, like mining planning, grade control, scheduling and mining equipment maintenance and utilisation.
  • Reduction in cost of Incident management and safety compliance effort.
  • Higher truck and shovel productivity, reduced duplication of management, lower mining and supervisory costs.
  • Optimized asset utilization.
  • Saving in operating costs, equipment repair cost & reduction in equipment downtime.

Strategic :-

  • Tailored as per the size, capacity and potential of your fleet and moving assets.
  • Industry specific algorithms can be configured to calculate, in real time, the presence and severity of any accidents, risks or hazards within the operation on a day-to-day basis.
  • Inability to track and manage coal through supply chain.
  • Variable stockyard management.
  • Minimizing the variance between mine plans and field conditions.
  • Ability to manage the complete value chain as one operation, from mining operations to customer warehouses.
  • Maximizing the productivity of mining operations by tightly integrating all phases of production. It allows clients to achieve increases in productivity, averaging more than 10 percent. Integrated technologies that optimize the performance of the open pit mine assets.

Operational :-

  • Allow supervisor to monitor status, alarms, and productivity of all fleet while in the field.
  • Monitor driving patterns and identify unsafe practices such as speeding, hard braking or acceleration.
  • Get alerts when equipments or machinery are used outside of authorized hours or in undesignated locations.
  • It can determine what material each truck is carrying and where each load was dumped. If any discrepancies occur, the system informs the operator before the material is dumped at the incorrect location.
  • The material the truck is hauling can be assigned a destination based on grade and balancing of stockpile volumes. Once assigned, the truck can be tracked to its destination to ensure misrouted truck loads are detected. All information is collected in real-time; therefore this system acts as a preventive tool.
  • Identify any possibilities of adulteration/pilferage of fuel in transit and also find the exact location of adulteration/pilferage.