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  • Incident/Accident based automated Workflow engine. Safety product from DKG Labs
  • GPS based economical real time tracking and monitoring of HEMM,tippers etc. anytime to monitor safety adherence
  • Role based reporting system which provides an integrated Environment in which incidents can be managed across organization.
  • Search capability on different mining operations attributes.
  • Role based client-Server architecture to maintain the user authenticity.
  • Tracking of actions taken/pending to reduce the accidents occurred.
  • Code of practice procedures log and progress checklist in incident reporting/investigation.
  • Mine specific algorithms can be configured to calculate, in real time, the presence and Severity of any accidents, risks or hazards within the operation on a day-to-day basis.
  • Monitor the progress of issue, and will escalate the urgency until it is dealt with.
  • Behavior Based Safety System Specifications to mark unsafe behavior as potential hazard.
  • Inspection Reports, Safety Statistics, Personal Safety and Training modules.
  • DGMS Statutory Compliance and Reporting.
  • Several modules like Incident register, Inspection, Investigation, Admin and Report module to maintain master and transaction data.
  • Installer (Client and Server components) & Admin to maintain data (User Management, Business Data)

 Benefits to mining organizations

  • Clearly demonstrate that your company is really concerned and actively managing the safety of your people and the environment.
  • Tailored as per the size, capacity and potential of your mine and cluster of mines. Also suitable for low value mines having high margin focus. Coal Field Mining
  • Equipment Location is known at all times. Real time equipment tracking and monitoring of fleet of any size from anywhere anytime.
  • Gain visibility into your decentralized operations.
  • Optimized asset utilization.
  • DGMS Compliant.
  • Time/money saving through efficient data management.
  • Reduced incident and accident rates.
  • Digitized /Computerized framework for execution of safety policy and plans through the GM of areas, agents, managers and other safety personnel of units.
  • Multi-level monitoring of implementation of safety plans through internal safe organization at HQ as well as at area level.Safety in Mine
  • Operations and systems will be planned and designed to eliminate or materially reduce mining hazards.
  • Assist in achieving Zero harm potential in all mines and other establishments.
  • Continuous education, training and retraining all employees with the accent placed on the development of safety oriented skills.
  • Data is captured in real time and includes production statistics,equipment reports, geological data and every other kind of information relevant to a mining safety.
  • Risk analysis in the short term, integrating multiple data points and algorithms to assess risk in real time.