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The term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) clearly define as the sensors, instruments, and networking combined together to form an industrial-based applications, whose connectivity becomes wireless and can be used from anywhere.

In IIoT, particularly the collection of data, analysis, and exchange of data are done mainly to improve the productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of the application.

The three main industries in which the applications of IIoT had done or currently in the enhancement of the growth of that particular industry are:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Security

The broad expansion of the Industrial Internet of Things is a subset of the Internet of Things to enable the expansion and creation of technologies.

But, you know, the internet of things (IoT) and industrial internet of things (IIOT) are both the subsets of Industry 4.0, which becomes the latest trend in the automation, data exchange, and robotic industry.

In the tech world, Industry 4.0 is well known as the factory of the future, factory 4.0 and smart factory

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Due to the overwhelming welcome of the fourth industrial revolution in the late 19’s, the industry 4.0 classification as an industry also changed such as smart cities, electric vehicles, power consumption, vehicle tracking system and many more.

These two terms, i.e., ‘industry 4.0’ and ‘fourth industrial revolution’ has changed the view concept of not only machinery but also the idea of making an interaction with the technologies to the human world, to make them comfortable for use.

The wireless connectivity with hardware make these machineries to visualize, analyze and decision-making process automated.

The broadband industry of the fourth industrial revolution includes:

  • Smart Factory
  • Logistic approach
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Smart manufacturing and many more.

With this automation, a virtual world is created behind the real world to make an interaction with this physical world. The automated decisions are so perfect and accurate that the human mind lacks behind.

But regarding the communication and interaction between humans through the virtual world makes the value chain over the internet of things.

In today’s world, digital trends towards the complex term ‘Industry 4.0’ consist of many components that help in contributing to the industrialization of the technologies. These components are:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Sensors
  • 3D printing
  • Wearable technologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security detection
  • Mobile devices
  • Logistics and analytics
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Location detection
  • Cyber System, etc.

The application that put forward by this digitalization to understand more clearly about the concept is the aerospace industry, in this sector technologies advancement and improvement enlarge the productivity segments for several aerospace companies.

The automation put forward in the real world by the aerospace sector created a well-advanced version of the Industry 4.0

But after these advancements of technologies in different sector, many of the companies have never heard of the term Internet of Things. They nearly had no idea how can they approach this industry to make them a profitable deal as in the real world, the main focus has been come towards to automation and working in this sector enlarges the business approach in various industry sectors.

We always get to hear that revolution and keeping up-gradation in the product the basic strategy and a key factor for an on-going business. In addition, customer experience becomes a vital role in the IoT field to transform it into a fruitful business.

With the best engineer expertise insights, we at DKG Labs help our clients to take significant benefits in IoT business with our extensive ecosystem and practical approach.

We provide you with digital IoT consultation for the fast pace advancement, innovation and giving proper expertise. And provide you customers for enabling them to embark on their IoT journey, a successful defining and implementing digital agendas.

IoT technology coupled with AI can form the foundation of improved and eventually entirely new products and services.

We will give you the enormous optimization and business potential – product visioning, product management, product sales, manufacturing & assembly up to digital services and service management.

Assist companies to develop next-generation operations that incorporate Internet of Things proofs of concept, digital roadmaps, and the associated analytics that turn data into action.

Helping vendors scale their IoT product and service offerings as we work with customers to address the organizational changes needed to build IoT into their digital strategies.

A partner in your IoT strategy development – we will help you to design and document a clear IoT strategy for your own business by –

  • Helping companies to create or refine a proper planned IoT strategy and determine the highest value ways to incorporate IoT into existing business processes, new business, and performance improvement efforts.
  • A thorough review of your business process and business pain points. A recommendation of end-to-end solutions would benefit your company, along with transparent pricing.
  • Expertise on the IoT marketplace as well as products and services for your Industry, we will help you to stay competitive in the IoT field.
  • A detailed write-up of your strategy, products and services, and a partner through the implementation process.
  • Working with vendors to understand customer needs, form the right partnerships, focus on the most attractive opportunities, and meet the security challenges inherent in the IoT devices and applications.
  • Providing Data Lake expertise to help customers derive maximum value from the enormous amount of data generated by IoT.
  • We have expertise and assets that can accelerate your business.

The devices will be connected to mobile phones so we also will deliver Mobile App in your brand name for your end customers at minimal cost based on its particular features.

Getting so many services at an affordable price adds a value point to our services.

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