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CIMFR Regional Centre, CBRI Campus Roorkee-247 667 & DKG LABS Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CIMFR Regional Centre, Roorkee and DKG Labs has been signed to cater the project works related to underground engineering for construction of road, rail & power tunnels and caverns to be used as storage of petroleum products and ammunition, bunkers, research laboratory, parkings in metro cities etc. All these constructions involve drilling & blasting, stress analysis for support design and hence involving huge investments. Keeping in view, the aforesaid indispensible activities associated to underground engineering, the association of CIMFR and DKG labs is intended to develop following software:

STRESS ANALYSIS – Expeditor – Input file maker

This software will help in stress analysis of the ground during construction to install the required supports to Utilities by DKG Groupachieve the stable construction. Various codes are available for this purpose but FLAC3D code based on finite difference method is often used to get reliable results. But, it needs a programme to be written for meshing and input. Sometimes, it becomes more time taking procedure. To avoid these difficulties and to make the code more user-friendly, small software is intended to be prepared which will take all input data in window based environment and will be called directly in the FLAC code. So that it would save lot of valuable time of the users and also will be proved as a handy tool for engineers and geologists engaged in design of tunnels and caverns.

DELAY DETONATORS – Predictor- Prediction of scatter & overlap in delay time of pyro-electric detonators

The proposed software will use measured delay time of detonators from the randomly selected sample from any specific batch. The data will be measured from dual channel oscilloscope specially configured for the purpose. The output will give summary of statistical analysis such as standard deviation, maximum delay time, average delay time and possibilities of overlapping, if any.

ECONOMIC MINING – Evaluator – Economy evaluator of mining ventures

The economic success of any mining venture depends upon proper investment decision which enables the achievement of planned profitability throughout the life of the mine. A new developed tool will be for investment decision making with the use of NPV technique to determine the optimum investment, operating cost and mine life for the planned profitability with consideration of depreciation, tax, mine construction period and other parameters as a combined analysis. The novelty and uniqueness of the model is that it provides the values of the economic decision parameters in terms of revenue. The correlations have been developed for (i) optimum investment & revenue (ii) optimum operating cost and revenue. For determination of optimum values of the economic parameters, two programs have been developed in C++ for decision model analysis using optimization criteria of NPV=0 & VI/n and other input parameters including mine construction period. The results of the correlation can be plotted for the different life of the mine to find out the optimum values. The results in % of ‘Revenue’ extend the application of the tool for all types of minerals and it eliminates the problems due to different types of international currencies in practice. The model also provides the quick determination of optimum production rate for the available capital. The verification of the model with the case studies of existing successful mining ventures and accuracy of the results encourage for its wider applications. The tool is useful for providing a quick and advance determination of the optimum financial parameters before detailed feasibility reports are prepared.