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Student Tracking

Make school life more secure and convenient for students, faculty and staff:

School going students

Solution for Schools, Colleges and Universities

The Universal Problem today is that there is no insight into the movement of students when they leave their homes till the time they are back. A lot of money and resources are being spent on phone calls, manually checking of each student etc. Unfortunately, due to several circumstances beyond control student security is at risk and suffers, which makes the schools at the risk of losing credibility.

End to End Solutions –
• Students Arrival/Departure Tracking and Notification Service
• Track school buses through GPS
• Admission Management Portal
• Tracking and Notification of students in the bus
• Attendance Management
• Library Management

Students Arrival/Departure Tracking and Notification Service

• Parents want to know their children’s arrival and departure times in real time.
• Send a message (email or SMS) to the parents informing them that the child has reached or left the school, as the case may be.
• The biggest ROI component is peace of mind for both the parents and the school administration.
• Image of school in terms of security can fetch much more in terms of premium fee structure.
• This system can attract more parents to get their children admitted in the school.
• Reduction in time spent in administrative work. The resources can be utilized elsewhere.
• Increase parent involvement in their child’s education.
• School and parents are aware about the Child’s attendance in the school
• Geofencing of the school can be done and a alert can be known can be sent to parents if student goes out of the school in schooling hours.

Track school buses through GPS, RFID & Mobile

• Monitor driving patterns and identify unsafe practices such as speeding, hard braking or acceleration.
• Get alerts when vehicles are used outside of authorized hours or in undesignated locations.
• Improvements in driver compliance and reduced incidents/accidents
• Behavior Based safety system specifications to mark unsafe behavior as potential hazard.
• Identify any possibilities of adulteration/pilferage of fuel in transit and also find the exact location of adulteration/pilferage.
• Automatically detecting any tracking units within a given area if there are any reporting units in the area, an alert can be emailed or sms directly to managers and supervisors.

Tracking and Notification of students in the bus

• Send a message (email or SMS) to the parents informing them that the child has entered/exit the bus, as the case may be.
• Inform parents 1 stop in advance when the bus is about to reach the stop to pick or drop the students.
• Parents get a message informing them that bus is at Stop A and will reach stop B in x minutes