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Plant and Equipment tracking

1) Plant and Equipment tracking – Benefits

  • InciMat helps monitor Security.Plants and equipment tracking
  • InciMat helps monitor Operating Hours of the equipment.
  • InciMat helps to monitor Service Intervals
  • Monitor Hours on Site
  • InciMat  helps to co-ordinate machinery floats
  • Servicing Alerts By Email

2)  Trailer and Container tracking – Benefits

  • DKG LABS InciMat helps monitor Asset LocationsTrailor and container tracking
  • InciMat  helps monitor operating hours
  • DKG LABS InciMat helps monitor service intervals
  • Co-ordinate Pickup & Delivery

3)  Logistics – Benefits

  • With InciMat location function, the logistics company can know the accurate location of the goods and then the rate of progress can be told to customers.
  • The information about the tracker can be informed to customers, so they can check their products whenever they want
    and evaluate the date the goods arrive.
  • InciMat helps the manager can check whether the vehicles are driven as the told optimal route so as to reduce the cost
    of fuel consumption.
  • With the alarm and two-way communication function, the manager can know timely if the vehicle drives out the preset Logisticsgeographical scope and he can call to the targeted vehicle for communicating and to learn what happened. And if there is difficult, the neighbor vehicles can be called for help.
  • As InciMat three general functions, the logistic industry can optimize the use of vehicles and realized the remote operations and at the same time reduce the cost
    and increase the quality of customer service. Therefore, its competitive force and market share can also be raised.
  • With InciMat GPS tracking on reefers, or refrigerated trailers, companies have the ability to monitor the exact temperature and condition of the cargo while it is being transported.  As a result, if there are issues with a customer’s high-value cargo, there are better chances of quickly correcting the problem.
  • Automate workflows and processes while capturing data on tracked assets at multiple sites
  • Identify shipping bottlenecks and quickly adjust delivery schedules within your supply chain
  • InciMat helps maximize asset utilization
  • InciMat  helps reducing operating costs
  • Increase production without adding resources

4)  Transportation – Benefits

  • InciMat helps Save on operating expenses – Reduce unnecessary overhead costs by eliminating excess fuel consumption,
    billing discrepancies, unnecessary overtime expenses, and unauthorized vehicle usage.
  • InciMat helps reduce insurance costs – Many insurance providers give discounted premiums (up to 35 percent) for
    companies that have vehicles equipped with a real-time fleet tracking system.
  • InciMat helps optimize resources – Don’t wait until it’s too late to make a money-saving change. Fleet GPS enables you to Transportationmonitor daily use of your resources in real time and with useful tools like analytics and reports.
  • InciMat helps maximize vehicle utilization – Eliminate unnecessary idle time and vehicle misuse to get the most from your fleet.
  • InciMat helps keep customers happy – Real-time vehicle tracking allows you to offer first-class customer service.
  • Be more predictable – Provide customers with accurate delivery times and benefit from better vehicle and employee utilization at the same time.
  • InciMat helps maximize labor costs – Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating downtime, preventing dispatch inaccuracies, and reducing tardiness.
  • InciMat helps optimize financial management – Accurate GPS log data allows you to create more useful profit and loss analyses, improves accountability, and enables better budget preparation.
  • Superior route planning – Smarter route planning and more predictable schedules allow you to stay competitive
    and reduce costs.
  • InciMat helps manage maintenance – Create alerts based on time, mileage, or engine hours to develop advanced
    vehicle maintenance routines.
  • Ease of use – User-friendly interfaces  enable easy access to quality information and data from any computer or mobile device.
  • InciMat helps to locate assets – Locate lost or stolen vehicles or other assets with exact location details made possible
    by GPS technology.
  • InciMat helps to improve safety – Enhance safety and security for personnel by providing direct assistance
    and support, monitoring vehicle activity, and implementing two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers.
  • Be competitive – Compete with market rivals by implementing unparalleled commercial fleet tracking capabilities. You will
    be able to provide better service and the money you will save with fleet GPS will help you keep costs low.

5)   Supply Chain – Benefits

  • InciMat helps customers can now be kept in closer touch with the manufacturing of the products that they order.  Some
    companies even provide a portal from which a customer can monitor product manufacturing and their specific order as it moves along the way.
  • Once the manufacturing process is completed, then the deliver process begins.  But, it is a seamless operation in
    that GPS Tracking takes up where RFID left off in the monitoring of the logistics process.Supply chain management
  • Semi trucks and trailers are the first step in the monitoring process.  Trucks and trailers both include GPS Tracking systems to help monitor their progress.  And, it is helpful to be able to track these units should they become the targets of thieves (which is happening in greater numbers these days).
  • Finally, many products that are banded together in the shipping process have a GPS Tracking device hidden among the boxes.
  • Real-time notification of security if RFID tagged items moved without payment
  • RFID helps to monitor unattended inventory
  • RFID helps automatic item identification on mixed pallets.
  • InciMat  – designed to provide real time tracking
  • RFID helps in locating of tagged items on shelves
  • RFID helps in shipping and Receiving applications
  • Reduces Clerical Errors, Increase Data Quality. RFID gets the human out of the loop where clerical errors are
    about eliminated in terms of inventory levels and asset visibility.
  • Improves Asset Visibility and Utilization. RFID can give you complete situational awareness. If you know
    where an asset is, you can use it.
  • RFID increase Efficiency. No more point and scan labor-intensive tasks that are associated with bar codes. Also,
    people no longer need to be always looking for stuff, nor do they have to do inventories by hand. This frees
    them up to do their real job.
  • RFID reduce theft. Theft can be a significant cost to businesses. RFID can provide near-real-time and historical
    information to reduce and prevent theft of products. By having near-real-time visibility of product, businesses can
    pin-point and eliminate theft that occurs
    along the supply chain as well as in retail stores.
  • RFID helps improve Customer Experience. RFID items enables businesses to further integrate service offerings,
    automate customer tasks, and anticipate customer needs. RFID technology can be integrated with smart shopping carts,
    kiosks, and Point-Of-Sale terminals to improve the customer’s shopping experience. RFID tags enable businesses to
    up-sell and cross-sell other products and accessories in real-time.
  • RFID helps improves Decision-Making. RFID technology gives real-time information that enable better decision-making as well as reduces the decision-making cycle
  • RFID helps reduce inventory. RFID technology improves inventory accuracy. This enables businesses to eliminate excess and missing inventory as well as reduce losses and write downs. RFID technology enables physical inventory in stores and warehouses to match what is in the system.

6)   Inventory – Benefits

  • RFID helps to increase operational productivity
  • RFID helps to track IN-OUT of Inventory itemsInventory
  • RFID improve customer service
  • RFID improve Warehouse Safety
  • RFID improve Employee Satisfaction
  • RFID helps to reduce inventories in the supply chain
  • RFID helps increase Product security
  • RFID helps to reduce labor costs
  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Reduce inventory stock levels
  • Reduce un-saleable and out-of-stock items