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Mining, oil and Gas

Mining, oil and Gas – Benefits

  • InciMat helps in driver Identification, driver behavior such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, impact, roll over,
    seat belt Mining, oil and gasmonitoring, trip planning and scheduling, and driver fatigue management.
  • InciMat helps to identify any possibilities of adulteration/pilferage of fuel in transit and also find the exact location of adulteration/pilferage.
  • InciMat helps to maximizing the productivity of mining operations by tightly integrating all phases of production.
  • InciMat allows clients to achieve increases in productivity, averaging more than 10 percent. Integrated technologies that optimize the performance of the open pit mine assets.
  • InciMat allow supervisor to monitor status, alarms, and productivity of all fleet while in the field.
  • InciMat helps to determine what material each truck is carrying and where each load was dumped. If any discrepancies occur, the system informs the operator before the material is dumped at the incorrect location.
  • InciMat helps in minimizing the variance between mine plans and field conditions.
  • InciMat helps in driver behavior such as harsh acceleration
  • Tailored as per the size, capacity and potential of your fleet and moving assets.