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Location based service

1) GPS in Advertising – Benefits

  • The audience is broad and diverse, the location is freely-open, and your ads can target specific locations using InciMat. Location based services
  • Companies can target specific ads based on a GPS locality that will provide the best possible return in investing in this area.
  • Location and place-based services, made possible through the use of global positioning system (GPS) devices (including both portable and in-dash car navigation systems) can be used to geographically connect potential consumers with nearby businesses.
  • Business owners are also able to target and “reach out” to potential customers through the use of virtual coupons and other marketing techniques using InciMat.

2) Recreation (outdoor adventurers) – Benefits

  • Highly accurate all-weather positioning information using GPS receivers helps outdoor adventurers with safer
    exploration anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to return to favorite fishing spots, trails, campsites or other locations with precision year after year,
    despite changing terrain conditions. Recreation outdoor adventurers
  • New and interesting activities (based solely on the capabilities of GPS) are developed every day by outdoor enthusiasts and shared with others.
  • GPS technology has generated entirely new sports and outdoor activities. An example of this is geocaching, a sport which rolls a pleasurable day’s outing and a treasure hunt into one. Another new sport is geodashing, a cross-country race to a predefined GPS coordinate.