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GPS for Government

1) GPS for Government

  • InciMat helps to monitor Asset Locations.GPS for government
  • InciMat helps to monitor Operating Hours.
  • Monitor Fleet Service Intervals using InciMat.
  • Monitor Waste Collections using InciMat.
  • Monitor Street Sweeping using InciMat.
  • Report Actual Vs Scheduled
  • InciMat helps to monitor maintenance works


2) Monitor Waste Carrying Vehicles

  • InciMat can be used to monitor and track waste movement. The GPS can be used to determine if there were any Waste Watchirregularities in the intended waste movement from the waste generating facility to its intended storage facility
  • The use of GPS to monitor the movement of waste by transmitting the coordinates of their movements by radio waves to a monitoring station, in a similar way as flight coordinates of airplanes are transmitted to airport towers
  • Avoid overloading by customizing GPS devices to calculate vehicle load. This will optimize vehicle performance in the long run and also speed up delivery.
  • The benefits of using GPS tracking technology for fleet vehicle are proving to be the next big thing in waste management. A fleet of garbage-eating vehicles can guzzle up a lot of fuel in no time at all — and with the prices of gasoline these days, inefficient routes or poor driving behavior can add on hefty expenses.


3) GPS Support to Railway

  • InciMat helps to increase situational awareness for improved safety of trains and maintenance crews.GPS in Railways
  • InciMat helps to reduce accidents, delays, and operating costs, while increasing track capacity, customer satisfaction, and cost effectiveness
  • Prevention of collisions, derailments, work zone incursions, and rail switch errors.
  • InciMat helps in time synchronization for communication systems.
  • Dependable schedule and equipment location awareness can be known by InciMat.
  • InciMat  helps to get more accurate information on train arrivals
  • InciMat automates track inspection systems that work faster and detect more defects than human crews.

4) Roads and Highways

  • InciMat helps in higher levels of safety and mobility for all surface transportation system users.
  • InciMat helps in accurate position determination to provide greater passenger informationRoads and highways
  • Many new capabilities are made possible with the help of GPS. Instant car pools are feasible since people desiring a ride can be instantly matched with a vehicle in a nearby area.
  • InciMat helps in effective monitoring to ensure schedule adherence, creating a transit system more responsive to transportation users needs.
  • InciMat provides better location information with electronic maps to provide in-vehicle navigation systems for both commercial and private users.
  • Increased efficiencies and reduced costs in surveying roads using InciMat.
  • With the continuous modernization of GPS, one can expect even more effective systems for crash prevention, distress alerts and position notification, electronic mapping, and in-vehicle navigation with audible instructions.


5) GPS used to predict infection spread

  • InciMat helps to track the path of an infected person and their respective contacts.GPS to predict infection
  • InciMat would allow emergency health providers to prioritize who may have come into contact with an individual exposed to a serious airborne illness, such as influenza during an outbreak
  • Another application might be to trace the source of an infection in a close environment, such as a hospital.



6) Public safety/Disaster Relief

  • InciMat saves time during search and rescue operationspublic safety and disaster relief
  • InciMat deliver disaster relief to areas in a more timely and accurate manner, saving lives and restoring critical infrastructure.
  • InciMat provide position information for mapping of disaster regions where little or no mapping information is available.
  • InciMat enhance capability for flood prediction and monitoring of seismic precursors and events.
  • InciMat provide positional information about individuals with mobile phones and in vehicles in case of emergency.
  • InciMat coupled with geographic information system (GIS), and remote sensing technology, provides ability to create maps of the disaster areas for rescue
    and aid operations, as well as to assess damage
  • Precise location of police, fire, and rescue vehicles; reduces response times

7) Water sector

  • InciMat helps in general point relocation. GPS units can be used to log all positions of other water sources such as protected
    Water sector springs, hand dug wells and boreholes. This data can then be analyzed to find out the density or coverage of a given area in terms of water supply. If the district water officer has this data, as well as a GPS unit, scheduled maintenance visits may be paid to each water source to ascertain its condition as the point sources are easy to relocate.
  • GPS can also be used as a navigation aid. This can come in handy if a team is surveying a rural area of difficult terrain with no roads.
  • Design and ‘as built’ drawings become so easy to prepare using InciMat. Maintenance of supply networks is also enhanced as all the system components can be easily relocated on the ground using GPS technology.
  • Some organizations have sometimes complained about workers who claim materials for ‘ghost’ point sources such as springs or boreholes. Some greedy workers may even claim materials for a point source which was completed years back. With proper point relocation using GPS, the incharge officer could easily verify the materials requisitions vis a vis the ongoing and completed work in the field.