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Go green

DKGLabs will assist you in evolving your IT function as you look for it to contribute more directly to the goals to your business to Go Green. We take a practical, business-minded approach to IT, through the following offerings.

  • DKGLabs Green IT program helps Organizations align their IT vision and strategy with their sustainability goals to achieve high performance
  • Practical IT solutions to achieve “Go Green” objective and increase profitability for Mining and respective Consuming companies by efficiently managing its environmental resources
  • We apply specific industry experience to create tailored business products and customized solutions for Mineral Mining and Mineral Consuming industries. Visit Product section for details
  • Try DKGLabs tools, utilities, based on ANN (Artificial Neural Network) and research proven industry approaches to accurately estimate mining operation results to enable effective decision making within different mining processes and operational activities.
  • Organizations are getting cleaner and more efficient, but only incrementally. Many of the Gains are offset by the ever-growing economy. The greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per Dollar of economic activity may be dropping but the growing economy means that these emissions are largely unchanged. Moreover, there does exist a huge gap in the controls and measures which have been built in developed economies against those in developing economies.

Our range of Strategy & Performance services can help your IT organization set its direction to align and sustain alignment, with business goals to meet the evolving needs of your organization. With businesses constantly extending their use of technology into new areas to derive and provide strategic benefits, the world is getting increasingly interconnected. Information is now centralized and we see businesses pushed to the edge of the networks.

Operational excellence and highly evolved program management practices across geographies and multi-partner resourcing capabilities forms the nucleus of our process rigour. We help customers become more competitive by transforming their core processes with Green IT Initiatives and Core ERP programs.

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Historically, Mining operations are broadly eco un-friendly and cause after effects to environment in the form of Water Contamination, Soil degradation, Area Landscape change, Noise pollution and Dust & GHG Emissions. DKGLabs offers innovation by means of IT automation backed by scientific research findings within Mineral & Metal Industries to optimise operation where Miners as well as Mineral Consumers Could Earn Carbon Credits Through Energy Savings and ensure other Environment, Health and Safety benefits to the Society.

Emission management is set to be a permanent fixture on the business and regulatory landscape from now on for mining and metal companies. Adapt quickly to these new operating conditions and your organisation will reap the benefits – not just by complying with regulations, but by embracing innovative business practices that increase efficiency, boost brand capital, improve employee satisfaction and position you as a good corporate citizen in an increasingly values-led market.

The cost of delay will be high. Already there are signs of an emerging skills shortage in the sustainable business space. If you wait until regulations demand you adapt your business processes, you risk not only falling behind your competitors, but you may well end up paying a premium for the expertise required to implement a proactive carbon management program.

Carbon emissions trading system has the direct advantage to mining and mineral consuming companies by giving flexibility on how they meet their carbon emission obligations and implement Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Leverage DKGLabs “DIG” framework and products to accurately estimate, identify and implement techniques to efficiently reduce emissions for your organization and meet impending obligation of recording and reporting to regulatory body periodically about GHG and other ill effects as per regulation guided limits for mining industry to control environmental damage.

DKGLabs introduces Go green benefits to mining environment by recording, reporting and implementing emission reduction techniques (i.e. CDM) at different mining stages of activities (Drilling, Coal/Mineral Loading/Unloading, and OverBurden Loading/Unloading).

Some of the tools are: