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Employee tracking

1) Employee tracking – Benefits

  • Staff Peace Of MindEmployee tracking
  • InciMat helps facilitate easier mobile workforce communications
  • InciMat helps to dispatch closest staff
  • InciMat analyze Location Capacity Requirements
  • InciMat helps to monitor Staff locations for safety and business efficiency.
  • InciMat helps to monitor Man Down & Duress Alerts

2) Attendance Management – Benefits

  • RFID helps in better planning and management of human resourcesAttendence Management
  • RFID helps in minimizing the payroll error and cost of manual system
  • RFID helps to provide efficiency in payroll processing time
  • RFID helps in streamlining sign in or out process for staff
  • RFID helps to avoid the Hassle of Auditing Paper Based Employee Time Cards
  • RFID can track entry and exit time of correct individuals
  • InciMat helps to monitor and report correct timing and stop unauthorized entries
  • RFID helps to prevent mishaps from happening

3) File Management – Benefits

  • Simple RFID tag inside each File saves time and labor.
  • Files are automatically tracked as they move from desk-to-desk using RFID.File Management
  • RFID can help find missing Files easily found with the portable detector.
  • Exits are secured to prevent unauthorized removal.
  • RFID can help locate files on graphical maps of your floor plans.
  • Content of the files also be filtered and tracked using OCR.