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Coal/Metal Mining Industry

Mining and Metal Industry contributes to approximately 4-5% of the total world GHG emissions. Technological advancements in the industry over the past 25 years have enabled substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. Work is continuously on to build technologies that would radically reduce emissions and take the organizations to lower levels of GHG output.

Across the world, Metals & Mining companies have embarked on a journey to transform their businesses by incorporating the best business practices through the use of state of the art IT systems.

In this spirit of harnessing innovation to improve the way the business functions, DKGLabs have created a set of complementary tools to help Mining and metal companies transform their IT departments to measure and reduce carbon emissions—and better enable new ways of working, that will ultimately yield the following business benefits

  • Reduction of environmental impact and cut costs by increasing efficiency and reducing waste
  • Development, production and support of environmentally sustainable products and services
  • Redesign their supply chains – from resource utilization and manufacturing processes through transportation management, to product end of life
  • Create environmental progress reports for customers, partners, and the press, including data collection, tracking, analysis and the infrastructure to support these activities.
  • Claim Carbon reduction and Carbon credits as a result of clean development mechanism implementation.
  • Meet Regulatory obligations to eliminate any penalty as well as legal action as a result of operational activity.


Operational excellence and highly evolved program management practices across geographies and multi-partner resourcing capabilities forms the nucleus of our process rigour. We help customers become more competitive by transforming their core processes with Green IT Initiatives and Core ERP programs.

DKGLabs have developed a DIG* (Decide, Implement, Gain) framework for mining companies to effectively reduce carbon emission.

  • Deciding and executing a strategy for emission reduction with the following approach- FPMADR* (Focus, Prioritize, Measure, Analyze, Diagnose and Roadmap)
  • Designing and implementing an IT solution to enable and manage this journey
  • ROI (Return on Investment) across the business and along the supply chain

We are using ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) approach and model to design tools and products for mining and metal industries to achieve accurate and best results.


DIG Process model, which explains how Mining companies would DECIDE (using 80/20 principal) the most critical processes/ activities causing maximum environmental damage and in-efficiency associated with them.

Second of Stage of DIG model would be to IMPLEMENT the techniques by means of DKG Labs IT solutions to record, report and identify emission reduction as well as process improvement area.

Within Final Stage of DIG model, Organizations can realize the BENEFIT from DIG Model implementation in terms of Carbon Credits, Regulatory/Legal Obligation, MIS from Mining Processes and their optimization.

Some of the tools for mining companies are: