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Asset Tracking refers to tracking the movement of physical assets either by scanning barcodes tags attached to the assets or by using smart tags, like ‘passive’ RFID, which broadcast their location. RFID-based asset tracking requires an infrastructure to be put in place before the whereabouts of tags may be ascertained. An asset tracking system can record the location and usage of the assets and generate various reports. Asset tracking solution is a complete solution for asset tracking and can be used to get various reports on assets. DKG Labs has an enhanced tracking software named as InciMat.

asset tracking

Proper monitoring of personal or business assets can help ensure the location, status and value of the assets. Personal asset tracking is important in the event of loss to obtain insurance coverage. Business asset tracking is needed to deter theft, establish value for accounting purposes and to help manage the allocation of resources. The best methods of tracking assets on a computer allow for easy updates, modifications and quick access to information. Assets may also be tracked globally using devices which combine the GPS/RFID system.  It is common for asset tracking devices to fail due to effects as a huge proportion of the worlds assets are moved via containers. However modern tracking technology has now seen advances in signal transmission that allows enough signal strength to reach the GPS satellite system which can then be reported via GPRS to terrestrial networks.

For both small and big companies to remain in business, it must have assets. It is imperative that companies have a good plan set in place to identify and track all assets. If a company does not know how to manage its assets, it will never be able to stay afloat and be profitable. Thus, a system has to be implemented so that assets can be organized and tracked. No company wants any person to walk away with valuable and precious information. There has to be a better way to keep track of the company assets.

Asset tracking

Asset tracking

Asset tracking software can handle all of the particulars that a company will need, but in order to do so, management needs to know where its assets are, at all times. Smaller companies might try to save money by doing more things manually, but this is not necessarily a good use of assets. It is time consuming and leaves the door open for workers to make too many costly mistakes. When the process is automated, there is a better accountability for all assets. Management will always have an up to date picture of what is happening with its assets. Most software will give you the capability to print out reports that will show the latest progress and problems if they exist. This is the information that is needed by management to make decisions that will grow and mature the company.

All in all, asset management software is needed for both small and large companies to stay organized and keep track of company assets. Daily operations are streamlined and the company flows are much smoother. Although it is possible to run a company without asset tracking software, it is something that all companies should consider if they want to be profitable in the long run.

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