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Disaster and crisis- Planning and Management

 Designed to adapt to your operations environment and integrate with your supply chain, our software InciMat  is a robust, easy-to-use IT solution for large-scale disaster response. Track critical staff and inventory throughout the incident with our tracking software InciMat to provide continuous real-time visibility and virtual accuracy for the fastest, most effective emergency response.

disaster 2Adapting to your emergency response model, InciMat applies user-configurable business rules to enforce organizational plans for critical supplies and equipment mobilization. It also tracks distribution throughout a network of facilities, including use of pre loaded and custom scenarios. The system makes maximum use of GPS or RFID technology for automated data capture and real-time tracking for controlled material handling, and is additionally extensible to casualty management. Built-in dashboards provide continuous situational awareness, while after-action reporting verifies response effectiveness and provides operational data for continuous emergency preparedness improvement.

diaster2Built and supported by subject matter experts in both inventory and emergency management, InciMat provides disaster response managers with the tools they need for fast and accurate inventory throughout to make the most of organizational resources while managing compliances and controlling costs. InciMat is a package suite of products, portfolio of softwares and factory of mobile apps in the area of tracking across industries.

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