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Asset Management

Asset Management – Benefits

  • Inventory time reduced from months to less than a week.Asset Management
  •  RFID can help in “Automated” Reading.
  • Increased accuracy and visibility through RFID.
  • Improved security.
  • Reduced man power.
  • Inventory accuracy of 99.2%, leading to loss rate of less than 1 %.
  • Operational efficiencies.
  • IT: Support life cycle management.
  • Facilities & Security: It can be used as anti theft and other non operational activities.
  • Operations: Quickly locate critical equipment and achieve real-time physical asset inventory.
  • Provides IT Managers with a reliable tool to help keep track of valuable and portable items.
  • RFID makes data entry more efficient and reduces errors inherent in manual tracking.
  • Multiple items can be automatically scanned at once, which can save a significant amount of time.
  • No ‘line-of-site’ required; auditor doesn’t have to see the tag, they just have to be with-in its read range.
    This means auditors don’t have to visually search for tag, or move / lift items to find the serial number or barcode tag.
  • Passive RFID labels are now very affordable, only costing slightly more than professionally printed
    barcode labels.