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Agriculture & Land Surveying

1) Agriculture

  • Precision or site-specific farming involves applying fertilizer, pesticides and other inputs only where they
    are needed. This canAgriculture be done using InciMat.
  • Precision soil sampling, data collection, and data analysis, enable localized variation of chemical applications and planting density to suit specific areas of the field.
  • Accurate field navigation minimizes redundant applications and skipped areas, and enables maximum ground coverage in the shortest possible time.
  • Accurately monitored yield data enables future site-specific field preparation.
  • Elimination of the need for human “flaggers” increases spray efficiency and minimizes over-spray.
  • InciMat ability to work through low visibility field conditions such as rain, dust, fog and darkness increases productivity.
  • GPS-guided equipment is often used for variable rate application of fertilizer or pesticides.
  • A GPS system on a combine with a yield monitor can be used to develop an on-the-go yield map or can be
    used to map weed locations from the combine when harvesting.
  • Mounted in an airplane, GPS can be used to guide aerial spraying operations.
  • GPS can be used to locate weed, insect or diseases infestations and monitor their spread.
  • A field map can be created using GPS to record the coordinates of field borders, fence lines, canals, pipelines,
    and point locations such as wells, buildings, and landscape features.
  • Crop damage from hail or drought, and riparian areas or wetlands could be mapped using GPS.

2) Surveying & Mapping

  • GPS-based data collection is much faster than conventional surveying and mapping techniques, reducing the
    amount of Surveying and Mappingequipment and labor required. A single surveyor can now accomplish in one day what once took entire team weeks to do.
  • InciMat helps in accurate positioning of physical features that can be used in maps and models.
  • Faster delivery of geographic information needed by decision makers using InciMat.
  • Centimeter-level surveying results in real-time using InciMat.
  • Unlike conventional techniques, GPS surveying is not bound by constraints such as line-of-sight visibility between survey stations. The stations can be deployed at greater distances from each other and can operate anywhere with a good view of the sky, rather than being confined to remote hilltops as previously required.